Team Whitney

We know real estate! We are a John Anthony Realty team!

Often we find ourselves not willing to do what feels unusual such as knocking on a neighbor's door to tell them the great news of a home that sold down the street. Or to call an old friend to let them know you are now a licensed real estate agent. But why? Why is it so difficult to reach out to people regarding their real estate needs. Everyone needs a place to live and that's where you come in. You are taking the right steps in finding coaching to assist you with learning everything you can about the real estate business. Soon you will be up and running and have no fear of knocking on that door or calling that old colleague. Push yourself a little every day. A good tip is to just say hi to someone next time you are in line at a store. Pick a random subject such as the weather to just start a conversation. Do this more and more and you will soon feel ok with talking to strangers as well.

Learning to farm in real estate does not mean you need to learn how to plant crops, rather, plant the idea of your expertise in the market and industry in a potential client's head. For example, if you just listed a home for sale, it would be wise to knock on all of the neighbor's doors and let them know the good news. Have a flyer or information available to give to them. You dod not need to ask to sell their home, but let them know you are present and are willing to offer a free estimate of their home value. Perhaps they may even have a referral for you. It never hurst to give a little information and let the neighbors know you will be holding open houses or showing a property often. This way they feel more secure when they see you around the neighborhood.

Real estate tends to be a personal problem for many. It involves their finances, their history, their family, their career, almost every aspect of their lives. When you join a community, you meet people on a more personal level. For instance, if you volunteered at your local church for events, you would meet people who are either thinking about buying or selling real estate. Make it known that you are an expert in real estate and are willing to assist them in any way you can. Keep conversations light and not pushy. You don't want to come off as a slimy salesperson, but instead, an agent that has valuable information and possibly solutions for this person you met at a community event.