Real Estate – What Tends to make A Property Desirable?

Should you were to ask a group of folks hunting for any new dwelling what tends to make a particular city, town or neighborhood desirable real estate, you’d likely get similar answers from each of the respondents. What do these in-demand places have in popular? Take into account the following:

Downtown Living

The closer a person lives towards the center of town, the greater the cost. An individual who wants to become inside walking distance of where the action is will pay a premium cost for the privilege.

Close to Water

If you wish to reside near a body of water, you’ll need to dig deeper into your wallet. Ocean- or lakefront properties are generally more expensive than these situated further inland. Some individuals consider of this purchase as an investment and count on the worth on the property increasing immediately.

House owners may decide to use their house near the water as a holiday get-away place only. The property may be rented out when the owners will not be using it as a solution to defray the cost of owning and preserving the home.

Golf Course Nearby

When hunting for a new household in the event you see a sign indicating that a golf course is nearby, you realize you will be taking a look at a home in a incredibly desirable neighborhood. There is a thing about being close to a golf course that instantly suggests luxurious living.

Older Property

Older houses that make it onto the list of most desirable real estate had been most likely constructed at the very least a century ago. An individual enthusiastic about among these residences just isn’t only buying the constructing and the land it sits on; they’re also purchasing the sense of history that comes with all the house.

To them, older homes have far more character than their contemporary counterparts. The craftsmanship demonstrated by builders in days gone by is just not a thing that can very easily be duplicated today.

Huge Dwelling

When asked to describe their dream dwelling, men and women tend to speak about a spacious residence with significant, airy rooms featuring high ceilings. We want to keep away from the feeling of becoming cramped or obtaining our furniture jammed into a too-small space.

Close to Amenities

Individuals wish to live close for the conveniences of modern day life. The conveniences that are vital to us vary, based on what stage of life we’re in. Individuals with young families desire to reside close to schools. Based on what activities their youngsters are involved in, they might choose to reside close to a swimming pool, skating rink, soccer field, or a dance studio.

No one desires to drive for a extended distance to get to a buying center, day care center, church or synagogue, medical professional, dentist, dance studio mckinney or veterinarian. These individuals who perform out consistently will choose to live close to a fitness center.

The most desirable real estate locations have these elements in frequent. Every single person who photographs his or her dream home will give much more weight to specific things on this want list. Which ones would be in the prime of yours?

Nearly 30 Thousand Real Estate Agents are Sold on Yurz

LOS ANGELES, June 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — It’s easy to get lost in the vastness of the Internet, but it’s even easier to get found with Yurz, the digital marketing firm pulling real estate agents out of the past and onto the cutting-edge.  Now, instead of relying on outdated marketing tactics (i.e. bench ads and mailers) or struggling to create an online presence on their own, real estate agents can rely on Yurz to deliver top quality, custom web design, strategic search engine placement, Facebook management, reputation support, and more, all under $200 per month.

“Our goal is a simple one: to help real estate agents create a sharp and positive online presence, one that will lead to many lucrative business ventures,” says Jeff Essebag, CEO of Yurz.  “In today’s culture, cultivating a strong online presence is absolutely crucial for real estate success.  But Yurz does more than just develop your online image; we also protect that image via our comprehensive review management.”

For each agent, Yurz’s web experts will provide a fully custom, mobile responsive website, as well as Google and Bing placements, complete with specific search terms exclusive to their territory.  Additionally, real estate agents looking to embrace the full Yurz experience will opt for the VIP Media Package, which in addition to a custom website and search engine placement, also includes the creation of and regular posting on a Facebook business page, an in-stream YouTube commercial, and reputation management via BirdEye.

As an added perk, real estate agents on team Yurz will also gain access to the marketing firm’s signature app, which allows agents to snap a photo of their listing, professionally crop and edit it, and post it directly to their website all via mobile device. 

“The Yurz app is like Instagram for real estate agents.  This is just one of the many ways we are working to modernize the marketing and business tactics of the industry,” says Essebag. 

Touting some of the most innovative, tech savvy minds in the field, the Yurz crew is generating nearly everything in-house, which means clients are able to get complete customization, top-notch quality, and an affordable price all in one “turnkey” package. 

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Fox News Launching Real Estate Program

Watch out, HGTV. Fox News Channel is getting into the real estate television business.

The network announced that it will debut a new weekend series, “Bob Massi is the Property Man,” on July 11. Massi is a real estate attorney based in Las Vegas, and Fox says his show will explore all aspects of that city’s market. He’ll accompany first-time home buyers on a search for a place to live, and also look into multi-million dollar properties that are available.

The show will air at noon on Saturdays after a two-hour block of business programming, and will be more business-oriented than real estate shows on lifestyle networks.

Massi has been a Fox News legal analyst since 1998.

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TAYO Keeps Real Estate Revenues Rolling In

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Revenues continue to roll in for Taylor Consulting, Inc. (OTCBB:TAYO), as the company’s real estate division, Third Avenue Development, announced the closing of another profitable transaction in West Texas today.

The latest deal is the second of two properties in Sweetwater, Texas, brokered for sale recently by White Buffalo Property Solutions, LLC, a real estate brokerage wholly owned by TAYO. The company owns a large number of lots in the region that were acquired last year, and TAYO CEO Scott Wheeler says that he expects the investment to continue paying off.

“We continue to receive high demand for our properties in West Texas,” Wheeler said. “Thanks in large part to the local presence afforded to us by White Buffalo Property Solutions, our real estate portfolio in the region remains a reliable source of revenue for the company.”

As revenues rise, TAYO continues seeking out new real estate acquisition opportunities in the nation’s hottest markets. Land grabs driven by huge spikes in demand from the biotech and cannabis sectors is fueling big real estate profits in some of the country’s top-performing cities and regions.

Through Third Avenue Development, TAYO is building a competitive portfolio of real estate assets for investment, rehabilitation and resale. The company is focused on acquiring properties in the most coveted housing and real estate markets in order to capitalize on the continued recovery and growth of the U.S. real estate marketplace. For more information, visit

About Taylor Consulting Inc.

Taylor Consulting, Inc. (TAYO) recently created Third Avenue Development, LLC as a new division whose primary goal is to invest in promising real estate assets to compete alongside American Homes 4 Rent (NYSE: AMH), Silver Bay Realty Trust Corp. (NYSE: SBY), Equity Residential (NYSE: EQR), Essex Property Trust Inc. (NYSE: ESS) and others.

Third Avenue Development, a premier hybrid real estate investment and development company, is building an emerging portfolio of real estate assets for investment, rehabilitation and resale. The company is focused on acquiring properties in the country’s top-performing housing markets in order to capitalize on the continued recovery and growth of the U.S. real estate marketplace. For more information, visit

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Delaware lawmakers bow to local pressure on real estate tax – The Washington Post

By Randall Chase | AP,

WILMINGTON, Del. — Members of the legislature’s budget-writing committee have caved to pressure from local governments and will reverse a decision to give the state a larger share of real estate transfer taxes.

Currently, the 3 percent tax is split evenly between state and county governments, each getting 1.5 percent.

Members of the Joint Finance Committee agreed last week that the state should start taking 2 percent of the tax starting July 1, 2016, to help close an expected revenue gap of more than $160 million in fiscal 2017.

But local government officials throughout the state decried the change, saying it would impose serious financial hardships for them.

Finance committee leaders bowed to the local concerns and planned to reconvene Tuesday to restore the even tax split between the state and counties.

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Register honored for business reporting

Orange County Register housing/real estate reporter Jeff Collins won two awards Sunday in the business writing category at the Los Angeles Press Club.

Collins took second place for his June 2014 story, “Housing rebound has construction workers rebuilding lives,” which told the stories of workers returning to Orange County building jobs after going elsewhere during the recession to find work.

He also won third place for his March 2014 story, “Back in the nest: Staying with parents hampers recovery,” a story that examined the reasons and repercusions of young professionals moving back into their parents’ homes rather than living on their own.

The recognition comes two days after the National Association of Real Estate Editors gave the first-place “Gold Award” to the Register’s Real Estate section.

Fox News Channel To Launch Real Estate Series

Fox News Channel will launch a weekend show centered on real estate.

“Bob Massi is the Property Man” will debut Saturday, July 11, at 12 p.m. eastern, and will be hosted by Las Vegas real estate attorney Bob Massi, who also serves as a legal analyst for Fox News.

The series will feature several experts who are expected to break down property trends and pricing deals. Massi will offer advice to local businesses and families who have encountered difficult real estate situations following the housing crisis. An encore presentation of the program will be presented every Sunday at 3 p.m.

“Bob Massi will provide our viewers with invaluable insight and expertise on the trends of a constantly shifting real estate market. We are pleased to have him join our weekend lineup,” said Roger Ailes, chairman and chief executive of  Fox News, in a prepared statement.

The first installment of the series will focus on the Las Vegas real estate market, which is rebounding from declines it suffered during the financial crisis.

Massi runs his own law firm, Robert Massi & Associates, in Nevada and has been a legal analyst for the network since 1998. Additionally, he hosts a one-hour syndicated radio talk show, “A Layman’s Guide to the Law,” heard on KDWN-AM in Las Vegas.

Cutler Real Estate announces statewide partnership with Homeside Financial

Cutler Real Estate has announced a statewide partnership with Homeside Financial. The opportunity to partner with Homeside is a game-changer for Cutler Real Estate, according to a news release from the company. The lender is an integral part of the home buying process and simple, seamless access to a mortgage expert with a full range of loan products is an essential service to real estate consumers.

Homeside’s state of the art Customer Care Center allows the company to provide an unprecedented level of service to offline and online consumers by focusing on building relationships and engaging the consumer to provide mortgage and real estate related information such as mortgage pre-approvals, fresh accurate listing information and market trend reports. This will allow Cutler Real Estate to connect more ready, willing and able buyers with local real estate experts to create a dynamic real estate experience.

“At Homeside we work tirelessly to ensure a streamlined lending process for our borrowers by leveraging the latest technology,” said Charles Shackelford, senior vice-president of Homeside Financial. “This opportunity to pair our strengths with Cutler’s advanced tools and industry knowledge guarantees each customer a dynamic and positive experience.”

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Real Estate Advice: When is the Best Time to Sell Your House?

Posted by Staff Reporter ( on Jun 29, 2015 07:10 AM EDT
US New Home Sales Rise To Highest Level In Seven Yearsmore big

WASHINGTON, DC – JUNE 23: A ‘For Sale’ sign sits in the front yard of a townhouse June 23, 2015 in Northeast Washington, DC. Purchases of new homes in the U.S. rose in May to the highest level in seven years, signaling that the industry may be gaining momentum heading toward the second half of the year. (Photo : Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

As the life rule goes, timing is everything – so with real estate.

When planning for your house sale, these following calendar-based factors by Trulia should be in your radar so you can strategically put up your listing and expect favorable outcome:

The Academic Calendar

Families with school aged children are more likely to scout for a property in late spring/early summer when the kids are not in school with the aim of settling in before school starts. This is to avoid having to deal with everything – from back-to-school preparations and moving in to a new house – all at once.

The Tax Calendar

For some buyers, nothing can motivate them more than a massive, looming tax bill. New professionals, in an effort to deduct their closing cost and mortgage interest from their new large incomes and avoid a big tax bill the following April, are inclined to closing escrow on homes between the time they graduate and the year end.

At the same time, after tax time in April, there’s a surge of newly motivated buyers advised by their CPAs about mortgage interest deduction and how it is the best way to avoid owing IRS a big check for the forthcoming year.

Sellers are able to benefit from these motivations since they result to increase in demand and higher chances for a sale than other times of the year.

The Weather Calendar

Yes, the weather could also affect the sale of your property. For instance, a property in a cold-weather climate location have fewer viewings during wintry times. In warm weather states like Florida and Hawaii, search for homes peak during January and not until after the spring thaw in the Midwest, the South, the Northeast, and most of the West.

Your property’s features and the weather conditions, combined, have impact on the salability of your property. Researchers for behavioral economics studied and found that homes with swimming pools and related features are more attractive to buyers during the summer; which makes sense.

“When it is sweltering outside, a swimming pool just looks attractive. There’s an emotional connection because it reminds us of fun times we have in the summer,” says Jaren Pope, assistant professor of economics at Brigham Young University.

It’s a matter of helping prospective buyers realize what they could do with the property when the weather changes. If you have ski slope access and you’re selling your property during summer, it would help to stage a feel of the fun that awaits the prospective buyer come winter time by strategically placing ski gears and other items so they appreciate what is presently, an irrelevant feature. At the same time, if you have a pool and selling your house during winter, make sure you switch on the steam and heating features (if available) to offset the coldness vibe and to prevent buyers from discounting the idea of a pool in winter.

The Holiday Calendar

Although November and December are the slowest months of the year for home searches, this shouldn’t stop you from listing your home during these times. In fact, you will find the most motivated buyers of all during these months. They will brave rain and snow just so they could close the deal by year’s end for tax purposes. Take advantage of that.

The Gregorian Calendar

Home buying is most popular during the start of the year. Why? Because buyers around this time are looking forward to career promotions, developing relationships, or relocating to a new place or home. Make sure your house is attractively listed on sites like Trulia at this time of the year so you tap on the life-and-financial-change visionaries market who are looking to find their new nest.

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Poker and Real Estate: Jacquelyn Scott Takes Down Ladies Championship for $153876

Jacquelyn Scott has worn many hats. Years ago she served as a critical care nurse, which was followed by a successful medical sales career in which she sold robots. She also helped facilitate the proliferation of defibrillators in that field before transitioning into a successful Fort Lauderdale real estate broker. Now the 66-year-old is a World Series of Poker bracelet winner.

On Sunday, the final 10 players from a 795-player field returned to battle down to a winner in Event #53 No-Limit Hold’em Ladies Championship. At that time, Scott sat in the middle of the pack, fifth in chips with 266,000, which was plenty for the South Florida grinder.

“It’s such a good place,” Scott said of poker in Florida. “I have no need to travel to play poker, except I would never want to miss the WSOP. We have big tournaments, and quite frankly I’m a full-time real estate broker, and that’s how I make my living, so I’m not going to give that up to chase the dream, but I already caught it, this was a dream.”

Scott’s dream came true after she dispatched Hope Williams in heads-up play. According to updates from the event, on Hand #212 of the final table, Scott raised to 150,000 and then called when Williams shoved all in. Williams was ahead with the {a-Spades}{k-Clubs}, but Scott got lucky with her {k-Hearts}{q-Spades} after the board ran out {4-Hearts}{9-Spades}{10-Hearts}{q-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}. It was a crushing blow to Williams, who took home $95,039 for her runner-up finish.

“It is just phenomenal,” Scott said after the win. “It’s something I’ve wanted to do for so long. I’ve played the WSOP Main Event four or five times since 2009. I’ve never cashed. I’ve cashed in a lot of tournaments in my hometown, but never cashed in a WSOP. I came here to play the Ladies Event having never played a ladies event in my life. I’m so thankful I played this because not only was it a great tournament, it was a whole different atmosphere, just a lot of wonderful women and really good players. I’m just honored to come out on top.”

Well-spoken and extremely affable, it was immediately apparent that Scott wasn’t your run-of-the-mill poker player.

“I’m not a very intense person myself, so I usually bring a lot of fun to the table,” said Scott. “I like to chitchat and kid people. The event overall, I would say the women kind of have a good time together … I pretty much ham it up with the guys too, I like to bring levity.”

Scott was also kind enough to shed some light on her background, which included pushing for a device that would ultimately change the medical world.

“Back in the late 1980s, really early 1990s, there was a company that developed the algorithm, and really invented if you will, the automatic defibrillator,” Scott explained. “I was a critical care nurse previously, so I became their regional manager. I basically pioneered that technology throughout the state of Florida and other places. Now it just does my heart good to see that defibrillators are everywhere, that was our vision.”

Scott was the first to admit she is an eclectic person, one who has lived an adventurous life.

“It seems like every 10 years I just want to try something different,” Scott said with a laugh. “I think I’m running out of time though, I think I’ll just stick with poker and real estate and enjoy myself.”

She’ll no doubt enjoy taking her new gold bracelet back to Florida, not to mention $153,876 in prize money.

Final Table Results

Place Player Hometown Prize
1 Jacquelyn Scott Fort Lauderdale, FL $153,876
2 Hope Williams Tempe, AZ $95,039
3 Amanda Sizemore Las Vegas, NV $61,268
4 Li Fu Ontario, Canada $44,883
5 Parm Mehmi Tampa, FL $33,363
6 Liya Gerasimova Moscow, Russia $25,135
7 Stacie Boehm Sheridan, WY $19,168
8 Stephanie Ampelikiotis Toronto, Ontario, Canada $14,789
9 Sandie Morse Hudsonville, MI $11,533
10 Lisa Costello Las Vegas, NV $9,101

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